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About Metal Adventures BRONZclay

Bronze clay is made from an alloy of copper and tin. Bronze is a very strong metal and makes a wonderful medium for jewelry. Most people can wear bronze with no sensitivity. Bronze is similar to brass, but has a warmer color.

To fire bronze clay, the dry pieces are buried in a bed of carbon firing media inside of a stainless steel container. The media used is important, since some types of carbon do not allow sintering of the metal particles.

We offer 2 types of bronze clay, BRONZclay and FASTFire BRONZclay. BRONZclay (also called Original BRONZclay), must be fired according to the thickness of the piece and can take up to 9 hours for sintering. FASTFire BRONZclay is a formulation that fires in only 2 hours for most pieces.

The firing schedule used for both BRONZclay and FASTFire BRONZclay depends on the kiln being used. Both types require a digitally controlled kiln to properly sinter the clay into a solid, dense metal form.

Fire in Activated Carbon

BRONZclay (Shrinkage 17-20%)
1550°F / 3 hours
FASTFire BRONZclay (Shrinkage 5-10%)
1525°F / 1 hour
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