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Nano Gems

Nano Crystals are a type of created gemstone made especially for jewelry. The color is homogeneous, meaning that if you bought 100 emerald green nano gemstones, the color would be exactly the same in every stone.

Nano Gems are safe to fire up to 1675°F / 913°C on an open shelf in silver clay, with the exception of the Dark Orange and Orange, which can safely be fired up to 1650°F / 899°C on an open shelf in silver clay. Torch firing is safe for stones 4mm or smaller.

It is very important to fire with an azure, or a hole for light to pass through, behind the gem. The size of the azure should be slightly smaller than the size of the stone. For example, a 4mm stone would benefit from a 3.5mm or 4mm hole. Without an azure, Nano Gems can change color, get muddy or lose luster.

For more information on our testing of Nano Gems please visit our blog post here. 

  • refractive index 1.5 – 1.7
  • density 2.7 – 3.2 g/cm3
  • Mohs scale of hardness 6.5 – 7 mohs
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