Cool Tools Clay Hydrator

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Sku : STR-323

Product Dimension: 3.5" tall, 2 3/8" jar opening

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Cool Tools Clay Hydrator

Never be limited again by dried out clay! The Cool Tools Clay Hydrator keeps your metal clay moist and workable for months on end. Keep your clay in the hydrator during the design process to make sure it doesn't dry out. If you've been working with some clay and your hands have dried it out, place the clay in the hydrator, and in less than 30 minutes, you will begin to notice a difference in the workability. The Cool Tools Hydrator is a must have for your studio - you can never have too many! Store different clay types in separate hydrators.

Note: It's important to wrap your clay in a small piece of plastic wrap before placing into the hydrator. Never place clay directly on the sponge as this will create slip.

Made in the USA


Product Tips

Since the finest creations are made with the freshest of clay, keeping your clay fresh and hydrated is critical for a good result.

Only use distilled water in the Clay Hydrator as distilled water does not have impurities, which help prevent molding. When adding clay to the Hydrator, loosely wrap it in a small piece of plastic wrap. Do not wrap the clay too tightly, as this will prevent the moisture in the air to absorb into the clay. Never place clay directly on the sponge, or the water and the clay will make a mess and form slip.

Each sponge is sized perfectly for the Clay Hydrator, so everything fits together nicely. This bottom sponge should be soaked a little more thoroughly, allowing a small amount of water to rest in the bottom of the base. This water is slowly absorbed through the bottom sponge, and continuously pulled up into the air by the top sponge. During this process, the clay absorbs this much needed moisture and re-hydrates any metal clay. This innovative design creates the perfect environment to keep metal clay hydrated for as long as needed and as long as you keep the sponges hydrated.

Use the Cool Tools Clay Hydrator for storing your metal clay in optimal conditions, both short term or long term.

Clay Hydrator does not re-hydrate completely bone-dry clay.

When using the clay hydrator, you are creating a moist environment for days, weeks or months at a time which can encourage mold. Distilled water and clean hands are essential.

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