Bench Tools

Bench Tools

With hundreds of tools available for your jewelers bench, these tools here are the essentials to creating amazing jewelry.

3M Bristle Discs

3M Radial Bristle Discs make it fast and easy to polish metals to the desired finish. Bristle Discs are stacked at least 3 discs per mandrel (6 is maximum) so the bristles sweep in a clockwise direction. Bristle discs last a long time and can be used right down to the nub. All Bristle Discs measure 3/4" in diameter, except the 36 grit which measures 1". See our selection of miniature screw mandrels to fit flexible shaft or rotary tools.

Bench Pin

The bench pin is one of the most essential tools in the serious jewelry artist’s toolbox. A quality bench pin has a polished anvil top for hammering. Wood pins are removable and replaceable. Bench pins can be customized by cutting grooves, slots or holes as desired to fit the job at hand.

Cut Lube

Cut Lube is a great way to preserve and save drills and blades from overheating. Drills and expensive bits can be ruined in a matter of seconds if lubrication is not used during drilling operations. Go slow and lubricate every 30 seconds of use. Use Cut Lube for any drilling or sawing operation.

Dapping Blocks

Dapping blocks are used to shape and form metal. Dapping Blocks have depressions in several sizes for versatility and can be used on sheet metal and fired metal clay.

Rawhide Mallet

Good Rawhide Mallets feature high quality rawhide impregnated with shellac to last for many years. Rawhide Mallets will not scratch metals and are perfect for flattening and forming soft metals. Rawhide Mallets are available weighted and non-weighted heads.

Riveting Hammer

Riveting Hammers are small steel hammers with an angled back. Use Riveting Hammers with riveting anvils or stainless steel bench blocks for perfect rivets.

Steel Bench Block

Hardened Steel Bench Blocks are used for chasing and riveting. It's important that a bench block be hardened otherwise your Steel Bench Block will have pits and hammer marks immediately which will transfer to your jewelry when you try to use the block. Steel Bench Blocks allow you to harden small wires and whole assemblies or flatten them with accuracy and without denting the metal.

Riveting Anvil

Riveting Anvils are small anvils with multiple holes and slots that are used to form things such as head pins and as a stake for riveting. Our Riveting Anvil is case hardened, polished hexagon in shape, and is the perfect base for drilling, staking and riveting.

Mini Horn Anvil

The Mini Horn Anvil is a must on a jewelry artists work bench. Use the little horn end to get at tight spots to harden wires, shape or form metal. Our Mini Horn Anvil is hardened steel for durability.

Tube Cutting Jig

A Tube Cutting Jigs is a hand held tool that holds tubing perfectly straight for cutting. A length of tube is clamped into the jig and a saw is used to cut through the tube. Without this tool, cutting tubing is a difficult and imprecise task. The jig can be set so the length of the tube cut is repeatable for items such as hinges.