Findings & Wire

We provide hundreds of different types of findings and wire to add to your jewelry making projects. Here are some essentials to getting started with jewelry findings and wire.

Bezel Cups

Bezel cups are special settings that are designed to hold flat-backed stones in place. Traditionally, they are soldered in place but Bezel Cups made from .999 fine silver can be embedded in all fine silver clays and fired in place. Set stones after firing or fill the cup with resins, polymer clay or other heat-sensitive embellishments. Bezel Cups are available in round and oval and feature scalloped, serrated, or plain edges for the desired look.

Bezel Wire

Bezel Wire is a great way to set custom stones and other objects in jewelry projects. A bezel is fired in place and the stone or object is set after firing. Bezel Wire comes in several sizes and styles including plain, scalloped, serrated and gallery styles. Each type of bezel wire offers a unique look.

Fine Silver Wire

Fine silver wire is .999 silver and can be co-fired directly in silver clay. Simply embed the wire and fire. Fine silver can be work hardened by stretching, twisting, rolling, hammering, tumbling, but cannot be heat hardened.

Jump Rings

Jump Rings are a great way to connect multiple jewelry elements together. Most Jump Rings are half-hard. This means that the metal is going to be fairly easy to open and close, but also means that these rings can open unexpectedly. When using a jump ring to connect parts, be sure to work harden the ring or solder it closed. Work hardening can be accomplished by hand or by tumbling. To work harden by hand, place the jump ring on a bench block and tap a few times with a rawhide mallet or nylon hammer. To work harden using a tumbler, string each of the jump rings onto a short chenille stem (cut a short length), then twist the ends, drop into the tumbler and tumble for an hour.

Pin Findings

Pin Findings are great for creating unique and abstract jewelry. A pin finding consists of a joint, a catch, and pin with rivet. Most Pin Findings can be fired in place when prepared with Silver-Prep.