Getting Started in Metalsmithing

Getting Started in Metalsmithing

Metalsmithing is the practice of forming and fabricating metal into jewelry. Metal jewelry is not limited to precious metals, like gold, silver and platinum, but can also include a variety of ferrous metals (metals that include at least some iron) and nonferrous metals (metals that contain no iron). Metalsmiths typically work with silver and copper. On many levels, Metalsmiths must become a "jack of all trades," as they must know the various properties of each type of metal they use, and then how to shape, cut, saw, bend, or otherwise manipulate these various metals to transform their work into jewelry.

What do I need to get started in metalsmithing?

There are many tools that are considered staples in metalsmithing. Not having the proper tools won’t inhibit your creativity, but it may cause you problems in constructing your designs. When metalsmithing, you will want high quality tools, as cheaper tools can cause frustration.

Here's a list of basic tools that are needed:

Bench Pin
Jewelers Saw
Saw Blades
Needle Files
Pickle Mix
Pickle Pot
Ring Mandrel
Rawhide Mallet
Safety Kit

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