Finishes & Embellishments

Patinas, pigments, mica powder, concrete, faux bone and more.


Here you will find all the products you need to add unique finishes to your metal clay jewelry.

Epoxies & Resins

Discover Epoxies & Resins to customize your metal clay jewelry creations. Resin is made from liquid plastic that turns solid to add to your unique jewelry! Find Magic-Gloss, a great crystal clear, non-toxic, sunlight curing dimensional resin that can make your jewelry shine. Shop through our epoxies to help bring your custom creations together. This is a great way to personalize your jewelry pieces fast and easy.

Gilders Paste

We offer a huge selection of Gilders Paste for adding brilliant color to your jewelry creations. Gilders Paste is a non-fading metallic gilding coloring medium for metals and other surfaces. Creating beautiful color effects has never been easier! Use on any type of metal and other surfaces. Choose from over 20 different colors.

Keum Boo

Learn about Keum Boo, the simple, ancient technique of applying gold metal foil to silver and other metals to make silver-gilt. Mastering the Keum Boo technique is simple and easy with the right tools and knowledge. Discover our selection of Agate Burnishers, Amaco Trinkit Kilns, Ultra Lite Beehive Kilns, Keum Boo Sheets and Instructions. If you need help, check out our books and dvds on mastering this awesome technique.


We have a great selection of Glass supplies to make stunning fused glass. Find any type of glass you need in any color including Dichroic Glass, Transparent Glass, Opalescent Glass, Glass Frit, Glass Milliefori, Glass Confetti and more. Also find Glass Tools, Fusing Kits, Soldering products, and GlasClay to give you the right resources for your next glass project.


The color(s) achieved by a specific patina solution depends upon the metal or alloy to which it is applied, the age and the strength of the patina mixture, the time and temperature of the exposure, and the process used to apply the solution. Cool Tools offers liver of sulfur in a solid lump form and in a stabilized gel, called Patina Gel. These two products are perhaps the most widely used patinas by jewelry artists for silver, copper, bronze and brass. If you are interested in heat patinas, be sure to check out our cool VersaMark products listed above and corresponding video.

Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay is a man-made synthetic, oven-hardening modeling material that is made from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. It is combined with dyes that give it robust color(s) and a plasticizer that makes the clay malleable. Like metal clay, polymer clay can be manipulated in an infinite variety of ways. It can be sculpted, carved, caned, molded and more, only limited by one's imagination. When heated at temperatures that are easily achievable with a home oven, it hardens, and then can be further manipulated by sawing, sanding, carving, drilling and buffing. It is a colorful and phenomenal medium for jewelry making and is especially popular for making beads. Getting started in polymer clay can be relatively inexpensive and requires only a select number of tools depending on what you choose to explore. Suggestions include clay rollers, tissue blades, needle tools, textures, clay shapers, work surfaces, carving tools, hobby knife, and shaped clay cutters. These can all be found in our "tools & equipment" section.


The Swellegant line is made up of 5 Metal Coatings, 3 Patinas, 13 Dye Oxides and a Clear Sealant perfect for adding color to your creations! Each product can be used alone or together to mix and match for endless design possibilities. All the Swellegant products can easily be painted on with a brush and used with a variety of products. Swellegant has low or no odor and washes up with soap and warm water. All of the products are non-hazardous. Shake all the bottles very thoroughly each time before use.


Give your jewelry, craft items and art pieces a faux, aged or colorful look with Vintaj Patinas. These are permanent, fast drying inks that are specially formulated to adhere to metal surfaces. To create beautiful and durable patina effects, apply in small amounts using a paint brush. Apply secondary colors to create layered effects. Blot with a soft cloth or remove patina from raised areas with polishing papers or polishing pads. For added durability, Vintaj patinas can be heated with a torch or kiln to set.

Metal Etching

Start texturing your metal clay jewelry with our Metal Etching supplies. Metal Etching is a chemical process for etching and texturing metal clay. We carry the right supplies to get it done. Add textures to your designs with etching and roller printing.

Slide Transfers

Customize your metal clay jewelry with our selection of Slide Transfers materials. We carry Its products to quickly and easily transfer images onto your jewelry and other creations. Add custom touches to glass, wood, unglazed tile, or any metal clay. Find Its Transfer Kits, ITS Image Sealers and more.