EZ960® Sterling Ring with Fine Silver Painted Enamel by Karen Trexler

enamel on sterling silver ring tutorial

In this video, Karen demonstrates how to use EZ960 Sterling Silver Clay and Syringe to create a ring with a vitreous enamel inlay. Karen shows how enamel can be wet packed and fused onto sintered metal clay by applying it in the low area of this ring, before using a stamp alongside Fine Silver Painting Powder to apply a fine silver accent to the enamel.

No depletion gilding is needed. Enamel directly on EZ960 Sterling Silver as a result of the enriched fine silver content in this particular Sterling alloy.

EZ960 is a great, all purpose metal clay with excellent working properties. Because the clay is a sterling silver alloy, one of its best attributes is its post firing strength, in comparison to fine silver. This inherent strength makes EZ960 the perfect choice for jewelry that takes lots of abuse, such as rings and bracelets. It is also great for jewelry with findings and components such as bails, hinges and clasps, as well as delicate pieces that would benefit from the strength of sterling silver.

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