Fine Silver Painting Powder for Enamel

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Product Dimension: 5 gram jar

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Cool Tools Fine Silver Painting Powder for Enamel - 5 gram jar

Fine Silver Painting Powder for Enamel allows you to add hand painted details to your vitreous enamel projects. Handwrite a name or accent your enamels with designs of your own. Turn a routine project into a keepsake for someone special with this easy to use silver painting powder.

This product comes with the essential lavender oil for use.

Made in the USA

Click here for Painting Powder for Enamel Instructions


How to use:

Mix fine silver painting powder for enamel with included lavender oil, adding oil until a consistency similar to thin acrylic paint has been achieved.

Paint onto a clean, fused layer of vitreous enamel.

Allow the paint to completely dry before firing. The dried paint is lighter in color than the wet paint, and can be used as an indicator that the applied silver paint is ready to be fired.

Fire into enamel at 1400°F until previous layer of enamel has re-vitrified to accept the applied fine silver. Can also be torch fired.

Once the enamel has cooled, polish the applied and fired in fine silver painting powder with a shine rite polishing pad or flash shiner buffer.

Additional layers of enamel can be applied and fired overtop the fired in fine silver painting powder for enamel. Polish the fired in fine silver painting powder accents prior to applying layers of enamel overtop them.

Any remaining painting powder that has been mixed with lavender oil can be left to dry out, scraped back into the jar and saved for future use. Alternately, if the fine silver painting powder was mixed on a designated pallet or tile that can be covered to keep contaminants out, you can leave it to dry and simply re-add oil to the pallet directly when you are ready to use it again.


Fine Silver Painting Powder can also be used on porcelain and glass!
For use on porcelain: Fire at 1290°F for 15 minutes

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For use on glass: Fire at 1300°F for 4 minutes
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