Patterned Wire - Copper - Leaves #5 22 gauge Dead Soft - 6" Min

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Sku : WIR-939

Product Dimension: 22 gauge, 1/4" wide

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Patterned Wire - Copper - Leaves #5

This elegant patterned copper wire can be embedded in copper clay and fired in place. Can also be soldered using low temperature silver solder to incorporate with other copper stampings, sheet metals and other materials.

This product is sold in 6" lengths. Due to variations in patterns, we do not guarantee a complete end to end pattern. When ordering more than 6", we always try to send out one piece; however, sometimes this is not possible. If you need one complete piece, please say so in your order comments and we will contact you if we are unable to do so.


Product Tips

Copper can be colored using oxidizing agents, heat, colored pencils, paints, inks, resins and other products. Before applying any of these surface treatments, be sure the metal is clean.

The process of manufacturing this copper material leaves oils and residue that should be cleaned off. A good cleaning solution can be made from dish soap, ammonia and water.

Make about 4 cups of solution at a time. 4 cups water, a squirt of dish soap and about 2 tablespoons of ammonia. This will make a potent degreasing solution for copper. Use a brush to get into detailed areas.

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